Annual Giving Q & A




Q: What is Annual Giving?

A: The Annual Giving Fund is an essential program that finances the many valuable educational enrichments at Roscomare that are not fully funded by LAUSD, including art, drama, LexiaCore, ST Math, music, technology support for teachers, teachnology classes for student, computer lab, science teacher and lab, physical education coaches, classroom aides, library books, classroom books, supplies, Science Night, and much more. All contributions to the Annual Giving Fund directly benefit our school and are 100% tax deductible. Click to view the Annual Giving Chart


Q: What is the Tax ID#?

A: Donations are 100% tax deductible. IRC 501 (c)(3) Organization Federal Tax ID 95-3995859

Q: Will my company match my donation?

A: Most large companies have a “matching program” and will match your contribution dollar for dollar or more. They enjoy the tax deductions.  Ask your HR department early — they typically have a certain amount set aside for contributions to 501C3 Organizations so ask early before the money goes to another school.  Click here for a flyer.

Q: How much is 2020/2021 Annual Giving Per Student?

A: The minimum contribution request for the 2020/21 school year is $1,200/student (or $120/month for 10 months) and there are higher suggested amounts for parents who are comfortable doing so. Pay online here or mail a check to Friends of Roscomare (payable to “Friends of Roscomare”) to the school office at Friends of Roscomare 2425 Roscomare Road, Los Angeles, CA 90077. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. We rely on other fundraisers throughout the year to fulfill our full budget requirements. For comparison, neighboring LAUSD elementary schools request as much as $2,700/student.

Q: Why are there tiered options for Annual Giving?

A: To recognize and encourage those who are able to give above the minimum requested amount.

Q: When do I give?

A: In order for Roscomare to maintain its high-quality programs and excellent standard of education for the current school year, your contribution should be made at the start of every school year in August. Payment plans are available.

Q: Is My Contribution Tax Deductible?

A: Yes. 100% of your contribution is tax deductible.  Friends of Roscomare is a 501 C3 Organization. Federal Tax ID 95-3995859

Q: Why do we have fundraisers?

A: Fundraising is essential to providing the high quality of education that is offered to all students at Roscomare. Various school-wide fundraisers are held throughout the year, helping to bridge the budget gap between what we raise from Annual Giving and what is needed to fund all of our programs. These events truly take a village and are a great way to get to know your Roscomare Community!

Q: What if I can’t pay in full?
A: Payment plans for the 2020/2021 school year for one student for example are $120/month x 10 months or choose a 4 payment plan at $300, it is easy to do online here.

Q: What is a Matching Program?

A: Many companies have set aside annual charitable contribution funds, or MATCHING PROGRAMS. Please ask your HR department to determine whether they will match your contribution. It’s free, easy and a win-win, earning money for Roscomare – and a tax deduction for your company.  Many companies are scheduled to donate a certain amount to non-profit organizations for good-will and tax purposes every year – so, ask early, and make it Roscomare!

Q: Does Roscomare accept donations from non-Roscomare parents?

A: Yes.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about AG?

For Annual Giving questions, please contact the parent volunteer Chairs at

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