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Friends of Roscomare Annual Giving is an essential program that finances many of the valuable educational enrichments at Roscomare that are not funded by LAUSD, including a Science Teacher & Lab, Computer Instructor & Lab, Art Teacher, Music Teacher, PE coaches, an extra teacher to reduce class sizes, classroom aides, some teacher training, library books, Lexia Reading and ST Math online educational programs for students, buses for field trips, STEM Night, gardener, campus repairs/improvements, and more. All Annual Giving contributions directly enhance the educational experience of our Roscomare children and are 100% tax deductible – Friends of Roscomare is a 501c3 Tax ID 95-3995859​. All students benefit, so all families are expected to join the community and contribute. Most large companies set aside annual charitable contribution funds or Matching Programs for 501c3 organizations.  Ask your employer soon if they will match your contribution before their funds are allocated to another school.

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Your Name: __________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________
City/Zip: ___________________________________________________
Home #/Cell #________________________________________________

Company Name:________________________________________________
Phone #:_____________________________________________________

Student: _____________________ Room #_____ Student: _________________ Room #_____
Student: _____________________ Room #_____ Student: _________________ Room #_____

DONATION: The suggested minimum donation amount is $1,200 per student ($120 per month x 10 months). This equals $6.67 per school day (180 school days). Families who are able to contribute more are asked to please extend their generosity at this time and select a higher amount. Indicate your donation amount below:

1 Student = $1,200     2 Students = $2,400    3 Students = $3,600

____ $1,200 minimum for 1 student
____ $1,500 suggested for 1 student
____ $2,400 minimum for 2 students
____ $3,000 suggested for 2 students
____ $3,600 minimum for 3 students
____ $4,500 suggested for 3 students
____ $5,000 or more (indicate higher amount here $_____________)

Make CHECKS payable to “F.O.R.” Friends of Roscomare

Visa or MasterCard (preferred), or American Express:
Name as it appears on CC: ____________________________________
Credit Card Number:_____________________________________
Expiration Date: ____________
3 or 4 digit CVC code: ____________
Billing Address/City/Zip: ______________________________________________________

___ Pay in full today by credit card or check #_______

___ Charge my credit card in 4 equal installments of $_______

___ Charge my credit card in 10 equal installments of $_______

___ Charge my credit card in ______ equal installments of $_________, totaling $_________

Donations are 100% tax deductible. IRC 501 (c)(3) Organization Federal Tax ID 95-3995859

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