Book Fair! ONLINE until Sept 20

Roscomare Students LOVE the Book Fair!

OPEN in the auditorium until Monday Sept 17 at 12:45pm

OPEN NOW ONLINE through Sept 20th!

FREE shipping to your students class. 


Click here to volunteer to help at the book fair.

Click here to see a video about volunteering. 

In-school Book Fair is in the auditorium: Sept 11-17.  Our Book Fair is an amazing in school book store that will be open during the day, and a a little bit before and after school.  Come and help for a couple of hours – you’ll help students find books for their age, help students at checkout count their change.  It will also be open before and after classroom visits during Back to School nights from 5pm-6pm and after classroom visits 7-7:30pm so bring your child’s “wish list” they made during their visit to Book Fair. The bookfair will close early on the last day, Sept 17 at 12:45pm and we’ll begin packing up.

Our book fair is a great learning experience for our children, they love book fair, and it enhances their interest to read. It also refreshes our library with new books, brings books into all our classrooms and raises some funds for other school programs.

Click here to shop our online Book fair! 

Online book fairThis is great for those who can’t make it to our in school book fair. Books ship FREE right to your child’s classroom and can include a special note.  Parent’s – we suggest you create a wish list for grandparents and others that want to shop for your kids – you can send a link for them to review and select the books they want to buy.  Then you can either purchase the books they’d like to buy for them, and they pay you back, or they can create their own login. Helpful tips for grandparents and others shopping online.

Step 1) Place the books in your shopping cart

Step 2) Leave promo code section blank unless you have a code

Step 3) Click Register instead of Sign In.  Sign In is for returning users.  Register is for new users.  Once you click Register, enter your first name, your last name, and your email address.  Then click Next.

Step 4) Here’s where you create your password. Scholastic’s page says that passwords have to be at least 7 characters long and include 1 number. Check the box that says “I have read and agree to Scholastic’s privacy policy and terms of use” and you can click on those two items if you wish to read them first before clicking. Then hit Next.

Step 5) On this screen you select your role. The most applicable for you would be Parent.  Then hit Next.

Step 6) That completes your registration.  You’ll see a Thanks for Registering screen.  Hit Continue.

Step 7) On the Shipping Details page is where you enter the students info and your message to him.

Step 8) Proceed to Checkout and enter your payment info.

Books ship FREE directly to the students classroom.



CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD a PDF of the School Calendar