Box Tops

 BoxTop sample


Roscomare collects Box Tops for Education all year long – our school gets 10 cents for each one and that can add up to thousand of dollars. Box Tops look like little coupons (see one above) found on the packaging of General Mills cereals like Cheerios, Pillsbury and Betty Crocker foods, Ziploc bags, Hefty products and Kleenex tissue, as well as hundreds of other grocery items.  You may have some in your pantry right now!

Just clip or tear the little coupon out and turn them in to your child’s teacher or to the school office.  Kids bring them in with pride!  Filling in box top collection sheets are a fun project with your child, or just put them in a baggie or envelope.  Grandparents/relatives/neighbors are a great resource for box tops — tell them your child is collecting, and I am sure they’ll have an envelope for your child the next time you see them.  Every Box Top counts!

Click here to see a video and learn how it works. 

Click here for a list of participating products.

Click here to print out a collection sheet.

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