Coronavirus closure updates

Thursday, April 2

Dear Roscomare Road Families,
Thank you for extending grace, understanding, and support in the midst of this global challenge that no one was prepared for or could anticipate. We miss our students, and we miss our community. Our teachers are working hard, gaining new technology skills, and collaborating to navigate our new, online/at-home learning program. With that said, I acknowledge that distance learning comes with its own set of challenges not only for teachers and students but for parents trying to provide their children educational support while balancing work and family obligations.
Of course, we are all concerned right now and I know some in our community have been impacted. LAUSD along with iHeart Radio has started LA’s Most in Need fundraiser. If you can donate, please donate to or text the word NEED to 76278.
We also have several parents that are first responders and front line/mandatory workers, thank you.
Spring break starts tomorrow with the Cesar Chavez Holiday and teachers will be offline tomorrow and next week, Monday, April 6th to Friday, April 10th. Online/at-home learning will begin again on Monday, April 13th. Remember the Grab and Go meal sites are still open, for a list of sites, go to LAUSD also has resources to support mental health and wellness at Go to for more information or call the parent hotline at (213) 443-1300. Also, note that kindergarten and TK enrollment will start after May 1st.
During spring break, students can also still log into Khan Academy, ST Math, Lexia, other LAUSD Clever programs, and teacher suggested programs. Reading should be done every day so don’t forget to purchase some books from our Online Scholastic Book FairClick here for a list of resources that might be fun for you and your children to participate in during spring break. There’s nothing like family fun and love.
We are all in this together,
Dr. Denise Collier
Click here for Sping break activities.


Thursday, March 26, 2020

Dear Parents,
I want to thank you for your patience and support as we figure out how to provide online/at-home learning. We were thrust into this new reality and I applaud our teachers for their resourcefulness and ambition. We have had some success with the Zoom platform, but the truth is that our teachers taught themselves this platform and many are still working on sharpening their skills. We are also examining other online learning platforms and resources as we prepare for the next several weeks of online/at-home learning.
In order to support teacher training Los Angeles Unified School District has set aside needed professional learning time for teachers and administrators. Tomorrow, Friday, March 27th is now a district-wide professional development day for teachers. Teachers will take the entire day to participate in mandatory training. Most teachers will cancel Zoom meetings and assignments tomorrow, but students can still participate in Lexia, STMath, Khan, technology through Planet Bravo, typing club and In addition, next week, Monday, March 30th – Thursday, April 2nd will be virtual minimum days so that teachers can participate in training from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. During minimum days, teachers will still provide online/at-home learning but teachers will participate in training from 1:00 – 3:00 pm and will not be available at that time.
I am aware that online/in-home learning is not only new to teachers, it is also new to you as parents. LAUSD has limits on how much screen time is appropriate, so teachers will provide and assign limited Zoom conferences and online work. Click the link below for an article with some good points you may want to consider for online learning:
Article on Working and Learning from home
In addition, please note that we have been given online safety information related to Zoom, and each teacher will send out a Google Doc for you and your child to review regarding online safety.
I know some of our families may be experiencing economic, and health and wellness challenges. Our thoughts are with you. Here is a link with some resources from LAUSD that you can use:
Resources for Families
Calendar Note: Friday, April 3rd is a holiday, and also the start of Spring Break. Teachers will be offline and unavailable from Friday, April 3rd until Monday, April 13th.
We are all in this together,
Dr. Denise Collier
March 23, 2020
Good Evening Roscomare Road Parents,

I hope that you are well, safe, and attending to health & wellness! I know that most of you are aware that the school closures are scheduled to continue until May 1st.

Trying to plan and navigate online/at home learning assignments has been a challenge. I also know that supporting learning for your child at home can be challenging. Some parents want more work and some parents want less work and more flexibility. Please know we are trying our best to support all of our students during this difficult time.

Zoom meetings will continue to be used, but note that these are private video conferences and cannot be videotaped or shared in any way. As we prepare for a few more weeks of school closures, we need your feedback.

Please complete the quick online learning survey, by clicking the link below today! It will only take 5 minutes. Responses are requested by tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24th at 5:00pm.

Click here to complete the survey – one for each student.

Thanks for Your Support,

Dr. Denise Collier



Friday, March 20, 2020

Hello Parents,
A week ago, Superintendent Beutner made the difficult decision to close LAUSD schools due to coronavirus concerns. Since then, like your family, the teachers and I have been on an unprecedented, uneasy, and unclear path. We are truly building this airplane while flying.  With that said, our teachers are working hard to provide instruction and support for our students. Yesterday, we had a Zoom staff meeting so that we could make some decisions about how we will provide instruction and support should these school closures last for weeks. Teachers will send regular updates to keep you informed about what your child should be completing daily. Thank you for your support and patience.
The word of the week is COMMUNITY.  A community is a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic and goal in common. Our common goal is to keep our child(ren) engaged, physically and emotionally safe, and loved. Roscomare Road is closed for now. But we are still a community with a wonderful group of students, parents, and staff. Try to keep your child(ren) connected to our community and remind them that Roscomare Rocks because of them!
Your child can expect to have zoom meetings with their teacher regularly starting next week. Zoom can be accessed using a tablet, computer, iPad, laptop or cell phone. Go to: to ensure your child can connect. Many of the teachers are using Zoom for the first time an I applaud them for quickly learning this platform in an effort to connect with and support our students.
All 60 Grab and Go Food Centers operated by Los Angeles Unified will be open today, Friday, March 20th. While the Governor and Mayor have both issued “Stay at Home” orders, they stated that they expect essential services like food centers to remain open.
Although some students would rather get all their work done and then relax, there are also students who need natural breaks, like the ones provided at school. Teachers will also help guide your schedules. But, if you are having difficulty keeping your child on track, I encourage you to create a daily schedule with your child(ren) that includes an exercise break (try, chores, quiet time, silent reading time, snack and lunchtimes, family games, and maybe even a time to enjoy PBS
Students should be logging onto ST MathLEXIAKhan Academy, and ReadWorks as directed by their teacher. There is a great deal of learning that takes place on these platforms and students are expected to complete their grade level for each site. If your child is not on these websites, they will not get the same grade-level curriculum as their peers. Log on today!  In addition, there is plenty of resources to explore at
Internet Access for Families
Spectrum is offering free broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 students. Call 1-844-488-8395 to learn more. Comcast is offering similar services to eligible households for 60 days through their Internet Essentials program. Learn more and apply.
In Partnership,
Dr. Denise Collier
Roscomare Road Elementary School
2425 Roscomare Road, Los Angeles CA 90077
“The Road to Excellence”


Friday, March 13, 2020 10:15 AM

Hello Roscomare Road Families.

Superintendent Austin Beutner has made the difficult decision to close Los Angeles Unified Schools.  Beutner believes this is a necessary step, as we try to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Therefore, effective Monday, March 16, Roscomare Road will be closed for two weeks. be

Roscomare Road’s teachers have prepared instructional plans for students during the school closure.  Please check your email and Shutterfly or Classtag accounts for updates and information from your child’s teacher. Also, make sure your child can log onto their various learning accounts.

If your child is absent today, please pick up their packet and other instructional materials after 1:00 p.m. or have someone pick up your child’s packet. The office closes at 4:30 p.m. sharp.  If you are ill, please do not to campus. Instead, call the office and we will arrange for your child to get your packet.

I will do my best to continue to keep you informed. Please feel free to call the LAUSD hotline at 213-443-1300 with any questions and check the LAUSD website at, for updated information. You can also call me with questions and concerns. I know this is a difficult, unexpected time, but let’s keep our children uplifted and learning as we face this challenge together.


Dr. Denise Collier


Roscomare Road Elementary School

2425 Roscomare Road, Los Angeles CA 90077

Phone (310) 472-9829

“The Road to Excellence”

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