Kiss & Ride Guidelines



Each family at Roscomare Road Elementary School is responsible during the school year to show up a few times for Kiss & Ride when their class is scheduled.

Kiss & Ride allows for smooth mornings up on our hill whether you use Kiss & Ride or not – without Kiss & Ride, traffic would be backed up every morning.

We need at least 11 parents each morning from 7:30 to 8:30am to help students get out of the cars and move the traffic along Roscomare Road quickly and efficiently.

Your Room Parents will sign you up for your week in alphabetical order and send a notice home with your child well in advance. If you need to change days, switch with another parent in your class.  If you are unable to work Kiss & Ride, you need to send an adult in your place — a nanny, a relative, a friend.  Kiss & Ride requires 100% participation from all families.


ALL PARENTS IN CARS: Please have your children ready with backpacks when car doors are opened to make the exit process as quick as possible. School starts at 8:15 AM.

ALL PARENT WORKERS: All workers must wear safety vests that are found in the Kiss & Ride box inside the front office. The first worker arriving at 7:30 needs to bring the box outside from the office.

Please set up orange construction cones on the red dots on the outside lanes. Ensure that the tall orange pillar poles are placed on the red dots to block the middle entrance lane, as it will not be used for a drop off lane. The two middle lanes will be blocked off. Under no circumstances will the middle lane be opened for drop-off.

The lane closest to the parking spots will be used for drive-thru only and needs to have the “Drive Thru” sign pointed to it.
The “Pull Forward” sign should be placed at the entrance to the front lot.

DIRECTING STREET TRAFFIC: Two parents are needed at the exit of the driveway to manage the traffic. Another parent is needed on the street at the entrance for left turns northbound. *Kiss & Ride co-chairs will be there to help for those who’ve never done this.  We would like to thank you in advance for joining us in what has become an extremely rewarding part of the Roscomare Road School team effort.

Please contact Anisa Abji ( with questions or to volunteer.

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