Pay Annual Giving Today

Pay Annual Giving Today

The Annual Giving Fund is an essential program that finances the many valuable educational enrichments at Roscomare that are not fully funded by LAUSD. All contributions to the Annual Giving Fund directly benefit our school and are 100% tax deductible.  Many companies set aside annual charitable contribution funds, or MATCHING PROGRAMS. Please contact your employer to determine whether they will match your contribution. It’s free, easy and a win-win, earning money for Roscomare – and a tax deduction for your company.

Through Annual Giving and its many fundraising activities, Friends of Roscomare fully or partially funds the following programs and positions: Classroom Aides, Computer Lab & Instructor, Garden Program, Librarian, Art Teacher, Music Teacher, Chorus Teacher, Orchestra Program, Physical Education Coaches, Science Lab & Instructor, & Website.

Your minimum donation of $850 per student will enhance your child’s education, their school, and their future.  We encourage those that are able to give more than the minimum to please extend your generosity at this time.

1 Student = $850      2 Students = $1,700        3 Students = $2,550     4 Students =  $3,400


Please contact Juliet Pearce (, Olivia Rhoads ( or Tom Walker ( or  with questions.

Donations are 100% tax deductible. IRC 501 (c)(3) Organization Federal Tax ID 95-3995859


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