Backpack Bidding


Backpack Bidding


Win a chance for your child to spend a special day with their teacher or be Principal for the Day! Each teacher is taking two children from their class on a special outing or offering a special experience. The first spot was auctioned at the Gala and now is your chance to get the second remaining spot for your child.

This will be a blind auction. Place your best and final bid on the sheet below, put it in the envelope provided, seal it, and return it to your teacher or to the office right away. Bidding is going on now, and will close Monday, March 25th. The winners will be notified by Friday March 29th. Arrangements for payment will be made at the time of notification. DO NOT ENCLOSE A PAYMENT AT THIS TIME! Only the highest bidder for each teacher will win, so make your offer a good one!

Click here for the form to submit for your teacher’s outings for backpack bidding & Principal for the Day.

The list of “Teacher Experiences”

Open to All grades Principal for the Day with:

  • Principal, Dr. Denise Collier

Hike and Picnic dinner at Franklin Canyon with your teacher:

  • Mrs. Rauch
  • Ms. McKillop
  • Mrs. Unger
  • Mrs. Lilly
  • Mrs. Long-TK

1st Grade:
Mini Golf at Castle Park and a Meal at CPK with:

  • Mrs. Border
  • Mrs. Orr
  • Mrs. Polay

2nd Grade:
Hiking and Picnic at Franklin Canyon with:

  • Mrs. Phillips
  • Mrs. Apanay
  • Ms. Wong

3rd Grade
Escape Room with:

  • Mrs. Greenger
  • Mrs. Nishida
  • Ms. Thompson

4th Grade:
Teacher for the Day in:

  • Mr. Gaeta’s Class
  • Ms. Megerdichian’s Class

Hike and Picnic Lunch with:

  • Mr. Boyce

5th Grade
Movie and Ice-Cream with:

  • Ms. O’Neill Lin
  • Mrs. Dombrower

Backpack Bidding winners will be contacted by email once winners are confirmed.


GALA was a big success, and lots of fun!

Many thanks to super-stars

Melissa Erickson, Rachel Dworkin and Julie Kaplan

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