We have awesome yearbooks!

You receive 2 FREE custom pages with your yearbook order and can fill those with lots of your own photos-designs for those pages will be due in March.  You can also purchase additional custom pages for only 99 cents for every 2 extra pages.

Our Roscomare yearbook contains multiple pages dedicated to each class (including all classes from TK-5th grade), and students may also appear in the many general pages in the yearbook too like Walk-a-thon, Spirit Days, etc. During the last week of school, yearbooks are distributed and students have their classmates and teachers sign them… it’s a big deal.  Almost every student at our school purchases one!

Enter our school’s passcode:  1013778896584154  to set up if you are a new user.  Questions? Contact (877) 755-TREE
Important technical note about your custom pages:
When ordering your custom pages for your child’s yearbook, just setting to “Print ready” is not enough. After you set your custom pages to “PRINT READY” by Clicking the Print Ready button from “No” to “Yes”. Then, it will take you to a print ready confirmation page where you’ll need to confirm each page you’ve added, and pay for any additional pages beyond your 2 FREE (.99 cents for every 2 pages that you add beyond the two they give you free) –when you’ve completed it, you will receive a final screen pop up with a confirmation. Remember: You are not done until you’ve seen the confirmation screen. You must see that screen for the pages to be included in your yearbook.

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Customize your FREE 2 pages   Click here for the flyer to learn more.

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