If you purchased a yearbook:

  1. You need to login to and go in to your order and change your shipping address to your home address.
  2. Yearbooks will arrive to your home (only if you changed your shipping address) around the week of June 15th (maybe sooner).  If you did not add your home address, your book will ship to the school, and you’ll be able to get it when school reopens for the the 20/21 school year.  Please make sure to add your home address.

If you haven’t bought your for the 19/20 school year, you can still purchase one online (no books will be sold from the school office).  Note, if you did not already purchased your yearbook and submit your custom pages, you will not get the 2 free custom pages. Follow the links below to purchase a yearbook.

We have awesome yearbooks!

Virtual Signing! Students who buy the yearbook can sign other students yearbooks – virtually! Send requests to those that you would like to have sign your yearbook-they can also add a note… this is a fun feature this year! If you are having a problem getting or receiving a signature, if a friend mentions your childs name is listed twice in the signature section, it is likely that you’ve opened 2 accounts for your child — call (877) 755-TREE and tell them to combine your accounts.

You will also receive 2 FREE custom pages with your yearbook order and can fill those with lots of your own photos-designs for those pages are now due May 4 (FINAL Extended deadline).  You can also purchase additional custom pages for only 99 cents for every 2 extra pages.

Our Roscomare yearbook contains multiple pages dedicated to each class (including all classes from TK-5th grade), and students may also appear in the many general pages in the yearbook too like Walk-a-thon, STEM Night, etc. Almost every student at our school purchases one!

Get your yearbook today. Go to
Enter our school’s passcode:  1013778896584154  to set up if you are a new user.  Questions? Contact (877) 755-TREE

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Customize your FREE 2 pages   Click here for the flyer to learn more.

CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD a PDF of the School Calendar